Which Agencies need to evict their alligators first?  So many choices....  An entertaining and enlightening look at the swamp draining work ahead for President Trump comes from the website “”.

Once strong Hillary supporters, the good folks at "" woke up to the deception and now write insightful, often biting analysis of Democrats, Big Media, and more.  A recommended website for conservatives!

Swamp draining Agency rundown including the IRS, EPA, the “shadow government” of the State Dept., and more. Quite a good read!


Trump Month 2: “You’re Fired!” Begins (February 21st, 2017)

“President Trump month 1 was about territory capture. On Trump month 2, in the captured territories, comes the orgy of the Guillotine!


It’s now time to say “you’re fired!”


President Trump has lived his life in the front pages so President Trump understands that Big Media is the enemy of the people. That’s a lesson many of his staff people did not understand fully until the past weeks. We suspect that the delusions are off now for these staffers. Staffers that don’t understand that, or those that want to bad mouth President Trump to Big Media for their own personal advancement, have to be removed.


President Trump as a business man also understands that in business mergers or company takeovers, some staff want to continue infighting instead of accepting the new business structure. President Trump understands that when employees in a business seek to undermine the business they have to be removed. President Trump’s cabinet appointments understand this as well because so many of them come from the world of business.


President Trump also understands that Barack Obama Dimocrats infest the federal bureaucracy and seek to undermine the new administration. These infestations need to be fumigated. As many culprits as possible need to have their heads separated from their shoulders. It’s time to bring out the Guillotine.


How desperately in need of “you’re fired” is the federal government?


It must be understood that the swamp monsters will fight back to protect their swamp.”

Read the article for the Agency breakdown.